The 2018 Pawanka Calendar brings monthly Indigenous Images of Inspiration

The partners of Pawanka Fund have been doing inspiring work in promoting, protecting and enhancing traditional knowledge as integral to indigenous peoples’ culture, ways of life and innovations. Each partner has a story to tell. These include indigenous women who are struggling to keep their handicraft skills alive and vibrant, preserving seeds for food security; of indigenous youth tracing their ancestors, defining their identities, learning their own language; training to be responsible leaders; of elders passing their knowledge, doing rituals to pay tribute to nature and the creator, practicing customary laws to maintain social cohesion; and of indigenous communities celebrating their cultural diversity, enhancing their sustainable resource management practices, protecting their environment and defending their lands and resources among others.

The Pawanka Calendar 2018 illustrates some of the work of its partners and indigenous wisdom and thoughts to draw inspirations from or to reflect upon as we advance the partnerships of indigenous peoples based on trust, solidarity and reciprocity. It also includes important and historical days for indigenous peoples across the globe for celebration or commemoration. The Pawanka Calendar thereby acts as a reminder that we are all connected as we go by our daily tasks, rituals and activities.

The Postcard is a visual representation of indigenous people’s diverse cultures and collective ways of addressing community issues. The photo shows the coming together of Sami leaders inside the Sami tent to discuss the governance of their common river.