An indigenous-led grant-making effort supporting indigenous peoples initiatives engaged in promoting and protecting traditional knowledge, wellbeing, rights and self-determined development.


The Pawanka Fund—which is an Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Learning Initiative—is committed to the concept of intercultural philanthropy, based on ancestral practices of solidarity and reciprocity of Indigenous Peoples.

Intercultural Philanthropy builds from the knowledge that Indigenous Peoples have our own learning processes, systems of knowledge and ways to integrate new information, values, and interpretations and to share them with younger generations.


Global Reach

The members of the Guiding Committee of the Pawanka Fund are Indigenous Leaders from across the globe in both developed and developing countries. They have strong relations and connections with different indigenous organizations, institutions and networks from local to global.

The Pawanka Fund covers the 7 regions of indigenous peoples-- Africa, Arctic, Asia, Pacific, Latin America and the Carribean, Russia, Eastern Europe and North America.


Latest News

Documenting and Promoting Community Understanding and ...

The Borana pastoralist people of Northern Kenya had been observing how climate change impacts on their communities with the gradual erosion of traditional coping practices. Women used to churn milk ...


Strengthening Indigenous Baka Traditional Medicine, Traditional ...

The Baka pygmies in Cameroon, Central Africa have a wealth of knowledge on traditional healing and medicinal plants from their forests. Specific animals are also sources of treatment for particular ...


Supporting Healers Revitalizes Spiritual Traditional Healing

In Biliqo, Isiolo County in Northern Kenya, sheep was slaughtered one morning to start a ceremony at the Darga or ceremonial site where the main healer called ’Abaye’’ performed a sign of blessings ...

This unique partnership has put indigenous peoples at the center of their efforts to promote their wellbeing and self-determination . 

-Myrna Cunningham, Chairperson of Pawanka Fund